Chicken Fish 鸡肉鱼 (1.35kg-1.5kg)

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Chicken Fish 鸡肉鱼 (1.35kg-1.5kg)

The fish is shaped like a drumstick, hence it is named Chicken Fish! The flesh is smooth and delicious. Chicken fish has no fish scales, so how can we deal with it? Just peel off the skin of the fish to clean the internal organs, and you are ready to enjoy it. They usually comes in big and small sizes. The bones of the big size chicken fish are brittle and can be eaten.

整只鱼的形状像鸡腿这样,所以取名为鸡肉鱼! 鱼身鲜滑美味,而鸡肉鱼是没有鱼鳞的呀,怎样处理呢, 就是要把鱼皮脱掉才能够清理内脏,这样就可以享用呀! 有大有小,大的有部分骨头也是脆的可以吃的,脆骨。


    All price published are based on the weight of the seafood. SLLFishery will always maintain the freshness of the seafood by instant freezing to retain the shape texture and flavour. We also ensure all seafood to be delivered in a box with frozen packaging to retain the product freshness.

    列出的所有价格均为估算值,因为海鲜大小不同。因此,我们在SLLFishery始终提供与购买的价值相匹配的海鲜。我们提供最新鲜的海鲜,进口的海鲜经过即时冷冻处理,以保持形状和风味. 所有海鲜将被冷冻并装箱包装,以保持产品的新鲜度。

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